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Dear Future Aviator,

On behalf of my team of dedicated instructors I would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce our services to you.

Whether your ambition is to become a Private Pilot, a Commercial Pilot or you aspire to become a Flying Instructor and teach others to fly, we hope that you find the information on our website of great interest.

St. George Flight Training is rather unique in the flying training world in that we are a specialist school as opposed to a ‘club’. Our senior instructors have over 37,000 teaching hours between them and along with ATPL qualified instructors, we have our own in house examiners for all ground and flight tests. This should give you the confidence to place your training requirements in our hands.


Choosing St. George Flight Training Ltd for your training is a wise decision - our Civil Aviation Authority ATO:0200 approval status means regular quality inspections and visits by a CAA Inspector. We have excellent staff and first class aircraft all organised into a system with one objective, to offer you the best in pilot training.


Take the next step by calling us now!

Capt. Eric Reed
Head of training

St George Flight Training Ltd

Some places to look for possible funding: 'PROFESSIONAL & CAREER DEVELOPMENT LOANS'


Barclays, Natwest and the Coop Bank are all good places to start;
St George Flight Training Ltd is an approved training provider for Professional & Career Development Loans, for those seeking to train commercially.


Recent Achievements:

 First Solos  Long Cross Country  Private Pilot Licence  Night Rating  Commercial Pilot Licence Flight Instructor Rating
Jack Carter          
Scott  Gaiety          
Simran Singh Chris Walker Chris Walker      
Graham Davison Steve Reed Dan Abel       David Marshall
Darren Syrett Laura Hagan Andrew Briers     Ed Jackson
 Iain Lawson Dan Abel Dan Hardy      
 Mike Matson Dan Hardy Andrew Dunn Joe Scott Jnr  
 Dave Coston Andrew Dunn
Ben Michallef
Tony Husdson    
 Peter Harle
Richard Cook
Ajantho Egodowatta
Andrew Dunn    
Ryan Foy
Andrew Briers
 Richard Cook
Joe Hudson    
Laura Hagan
Gareth Broadbent
Steve Reed Melanie Wheeler    
Rebecca Nixon
Jordan Wright
Gareth Broadbent
Robert Taylor    
 James Walker
Darren Taylor    
 Neil Brown
 Liam Doyle          

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